Coach Brendan Keyes aims to provide top level soccer education. Under direct professional coaching, the development program is designed to address the individual needs of the player as well as focusing and enhancing the 4 primary components of soccer;Team Technique, Tactical Knowledge, Psychological Improvement and Physical Fitness..

In every team, Coach Keyes finds it important that each individual puts forth his or her maximum effort, interest, and enthusiasm. Coach Keyes' personalized training will serve each individual as an intense training aid in preparation for a new season or to enhance ability in current play..

Training Objectives

Ball Control - Dribbling - Heading - Trapping - Passing - Shooting

Endurance - Speed - Flexibility - Power - Agility - Strength

Confidence - Composure - Aggression - Leadership - Motivation - Patience

Individual Decision Making - Attacking Group Play - Defensive Group Play - Team Systems - Style of Play

The Brendan Keyes Sports Personal Training, Strength and Fitness is a professional provider, member-driven, educational and credentialing organization for personal trainers and exercise science professionals.

The Trainers are committed to serving the public through research, service, and advancement of the movement sciences.

The Director Brendan Keyes is a former Professional Soccer Player and National Pro Trainer.

He is the President of Houston Hurricanes FC.
Keyes Sports Management Personal Trainer course will help you get ready for the personal Training field.

Certification from Keyes Sports Management serves as a platform for the serious Trainer who wants to work in the field for, health, body, mined and soul.

For more information on upcoming classes contact
Pro trainer Brendan Keyes at or 832 748 1001

One on One Sessions

Brendan Keyes (832) 748-1001