Ian Gaynair

Ian Gaynair

Professional Defender

Current Team
Belize National Team
Belmopan Bandits

In July, 2013 Ian Gaynair was honored by CONCACAF for reporting an attempt to bribe them ahead of a Gold Cup Game againt the USA.

Gaynair's goal against the USA in the Gold Cup in July 2013 was his first international goal.

Ian Gaynair has had an incredible passion for soccer from the tender age of 6. He's been playin soccer with neighborhood kids on open lots in Belize City for his entire childhood.

He started playing on Raptors FC. At age 9 thru age 16, he started playing on the U17 and then went on to play on Kremamandala B Pro Team in which he went on to win the championship. He moved on to semi-pro league.

He kept his dream alive by finding an agent who placed him on a professional team in Belize.

Being a professional player was a long time dream that finally came through when he was selected to play for FC Belize 2005 where he won his 1st championship and scored 2 goals.

He also played on the U21 and played a few international matches. In 2007 he was selected on the A Team til present. Since he scored 3 goals by head.

He now plays on the Belmopan Bandits who recently earned back to back championships and he's also playing on the Belize National Team.

He played internationally in several countries such as Guatemala, Honduras, St. Kitts, Mexico, Costa Rica, USA, St. Vincent, Grenada, trinidad and Montserrat.

He played in teh CONCACAF Gold Cup in July 2013. The Belize National Team played against the USA in Portland, Oregon on July 9th, 2013, and against Costa Rica in Utah on July 13th, 2013 and against Cuba in Hartford, Connecticut on July 16th, 2013.

2006-2007 (1) FC Belize
2012-2013 (1) Belmopan Bandits
2013-2014 (2) Belmopan Bandits

Nations Cup
2007 (1)
2009 (3) 2013 (5)

2008 (3)
2011 (1)
2013 (1)

WC Qualifiers
2008 (4)
2011 (10)

Gold Cup
2013 (3)

U17 (3)

U21 (4)

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